We have established great relationships with mortgage lenders and banks over our 40 plus years in the business. We have discovered through many transactions, that every client is different, with a different set of circumstances. Client needs a lender that can offer personalized service, and is compatible in personality, and products that the company has to offer. We've cultivated good relationships with preferred lenders through success. Great customer service of our clients is paramount. The same professionalism and care has to be consistent in the lending process as well.

Find a home

Partner with a Real Estate agent, and start looking for a home in your price range.

Get a inspection

After the contract process begins, select a property home inspector, to get your home inspected.

Close the loan

Continue to submit all the mortgage documents required by the lender, and move the process to a close.


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Harlan Realty Group is an American Company; incorporated in the United States of America, and the State of Georgia, and is governed by all applicable laws accordingly. Our company fully support the principles of the Fair Housing Act and the Equal Opportunity Act. We are Independently owned and operated, and have no connection or contracts with any vendors/affiliates located on this site. We are licensed with The Georgia Real Estate Commission, and The GMLS & FMLS listing services.  All other resources are available as a convenience to our clients. The vendors on this site are available through other means such as the internet, yellow-pages, advertisement, etc, and are available to the public as such.


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