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Frequently asked questions


  1. How do I apply for a home?


   Answer: Consult a Realtor, and develop a relationship,

   so your needs are understood.


  2. What's my first step?

   Answer: Selecting a Realtor

  1. Inform Realtor of your plans for purchasing a home.

  2. Ask any questions you would like to know.

  3. Ask to set up a meeting to get started.

  4. Ask if the realtor has a preferred lender.


  3. How do I know what I qualify for?


  Answer :

  1) Consult a lender, and submit an application.

  2) Submit 30 days of pays tubs.

  3) Provide last two bank statements.

  4) If 1099 income, provide, last twelve months

      of bank statements.

  5) Provide last three years tax returns, and 3 years




  4. Should you get a home inspection of the home?

  Answer: Yes, at the appropriate time.




  5. How long does the whole process take?


  Answer:  Normally 45-60 Days, after you locate a home, and enter

  into a purchase agreement.

  6. How much money will I need?


  Answer: After connecting with a lender, ask about the application  

  process, and for a good faith estimate.



  7. Can I apply for down payment assistance?

  Answer: Yes, ask your agent about resources.


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